The GOODS Team

Above (from top and left to right):
Dag Sjøberg, Kristen Nygaard, Birger Møller-Pedersen,
Ole Smørdal, Anders Torvill Bjorvand, Gisle Hannemyr


For an overview of the initial ideas for the GOODS Project, read the opening lecture at ECOOP '97 (European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming) :

"GOODS to Appear on the Stage" by Kristen Nygaard

The STAGE Team

Above (from top and left to right):
Jonn Skretting, Kristen Nygaard, Dag Belsnes, Kasper Østerbye, Anund Lie

Steinar Kristoffersen,
leader of the OMNI group to which the STAGE Projects belong

For the results of the GOODS/Stage Projects as of the beginning of 1999, read the STAGE Technical Annex (to appear shortly on this site).


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